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DIY Wooden Planter Box

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


The boys and I spent their Spring Break making our first Planter boxes. I had seen these at quite a few friends houses recently and thought it was a really good idea especially for myself who doesn't really want to TIL up the yard of a "Rental Home" but, would like to try and grow a few of my favorite veggies while giving some "flavor" to my backyard. I made a couple different boxes. One which is about four feet off the ground is where I put my vegges and the other served more for flowers and plants. The veggies got off to a quick start and sprout within a few days however, the dry summer hasn't done them too well and honestly, I think they are too high off the ground and need to be in a box more similar to the flower so the plan is to save them this week by building a couple small long boxes out of some free reclaimed wood I got. Nothing fancy which these don't have to be fancy. I spent more time than most on them since they were one of my first projects and I was looking for something quick and easy. I do think the raised boxes would be better if I take a foot off of the height and was used more for spices or herbs so maybe I'll do that as well. Anyways, it was a fun make and the boxes have held up really well but with everything there are lessons learned. If you need help with an idea for a box or want me to provide you a quote, Please use the Custom Order form and I will respond as quick as I can. Have a great Sunday!!!


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