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I built my family a dining room table

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

For the past ten years, I have been married to a table. It was a very special piece of furniture to me as I still had visions​ of my boys as small children eating lots of chicken fingers and fries. I also had visions of all the "spills" and sippy​ cups placed on that table. I wanted that table to be in my family forever and even signed and dated underneath the table. During​ my Divorce mediation years ago, I honestly didn't want a lot BUT, I wanted that table. This past year was a tough year! Stress, Heartbreak​ and depression invaded my life. I was in denial for months until I had a breakdown and then moment in the parking lot of my previous employer. ​ It was at that moment where I realized what a close friend had been telling me for a while. I suffer from a bad case of "Clinging to ​the past". Whether it's meaningless relationships or material things, I never quite would let go. So, when I decided to sell all of my ​furniture this year and rebuild it all. I didn't cry the day the table was picked up, I imagined the boys and I sitting at a new table in my ​dining room and this past weekend that vision became reality with hot dogs, chicken fingers and mac-n-cheese. I've always liked high top tables so when I saw one that my friend Amanda from @the_rustic_home made a while back, I immediately thought that was the right fit. Made from reclaimed pine, It sits 36 inches high and has a width of 26 inches and is 60 inches long. The bench is a little higher than most however, when your "foster dog" has a vertical leap higher than Michael Jordan's, you must protect the meal. I do plan on adding a couple of stools for the other side in the coming weeks but, was so​ proud of getting it completed, I couldn't wait to share. By the way, this was my second table build and first since November.​ #DIYMAKER #RUSTICBARTABLE #RUSTICSAW #DIYATLANTA #CUSTOMWOODWORKING #LIFELESSONS #DADLIFE #REBUILDMYFURNITURE #DIYMEMORIES #MAKEATABLE #HIGHTOPTABLE #BUILDTABLE #ATLANTA #ATHENS #NC #GA #SOUTHERNWOODWORK #INSTAWOODWORK #RUSTICFARMHOUSE #RUSTICTABLE


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