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Building beds for the boys...

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


This summer, I sold both of the boys beds that I purchased off Wayfair when I moved into my rental house and we had a blast building them their own full-sized beds together.

TMAN's bed was made of construction grade lumber that I purchased at Lowes with the exception of the headboard which I used the fence pickets that I went and picked up for free from a gentleman in Decatur who advertised a lot of "reclaimed wood" on facebook marketplace. It was the first time I had worked with old wood and I was quite surprised at how great it looked once I milled it down withe the planer. However, looking back, I would have just washed, then sanded it down using my Ryobi orbital sander and a low grit sandpaper before washing again and staining. I added cubbies and then purchased small baskets for his leggos and action figures and along the side baskets for t-shirts, etc.

BMAN's bed was made of construction grade lumber and I went with more of a Modern look from a build I watched Mike from Modern Builds make a while back. It was a super easy make using glue and pocket holes. I did add some extra support slats as this boy is growing.

I think both boys enjoyed the time and I know I enjoyed getting them away from electronics for that bit. I think my favorite part was how great Brycen was at correcting me on my geometry.


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