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I made my own rustic farmhouse king bed...

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


Two years ago this summer, I was sleeping on a twin bunk bed at Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar. Any of you veterans that have deployed are aware that you typically come home from deployment with some extra cash on hand. I think my first night in that twin bed, I decided that my extra cash would go toward purchasing my first king size bed.

February 2016, I moved to Georgia and purchased my King Size Bed from Wayfair. Fortunately, It was very simple to "build" unlike all the other puzzles I purchased. Have I ever mentioned that when you purchase furniture from Wayfair and IKEA, you essentially are making it without doing the cuts and deciding on the jointing method? I will remind you of this quite a bit in this journey. Anyways, it was a good bed but I didn't make it.

The main goal I had when I began this journey was to rebuild every piece of furniture except my sofa before the year ends. We built Tillman's full size storage bed in June, Brycen's modern style bed in July and I completed this King Size Rustic farmhouse yellow pine bed this past weekend. For the headboard, I used the same reclaimed fence pickets that I used on Tillman's bed which were from the gentleman in Decatur who was building a new fence. I actually joined the frame using large 8 inch bolts and six 2x4s for support. I figure that should be enough to support me and 2 dogs. Granted, if Zebco gains another 35 lbs this year, I may need some 2x6s. Finally, I am guilty of having a "Lamp Fetish" which my sister thought was very amusing over the holidays as I collected several of my Great Aunt's lamps. I purchased a couple light fixtures for $10.00 a piece at lowes along with the lamp cord which also was $10.00 and used my electrician skills acquired back in the day making subwoofer boxes to wire them up.

The only pain point which still hinders me sometimes, was I screwed up the measurements and of course cut too short. Do you ever cut too long??? Therefore, I used those shorter boards for a bench to go at the end of the bed which I'll post more on later.

I began this journey wanting to make farmhouse tables however, I honestly really enjoyed making these three beds. However, I am done with beds for this Knight household! Unless, I make an outdoor bedswing.

Hmmm, I think I will! Have a Great Day! -ekU


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