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TMAN's "Blue" Chest of Drawers

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


Things have been busy and I have just about finished restocking the entire house with my makes which was my main goal of 2019. I did make an executive decision recently to restore dressers rather than make my own from scratch. Things have really started picking up at work and I'm really enjoying what I do and all the new relationships I've built so I'm having to make the best use of time however, I am tired of looking at boxes full of clothes.

I purchased this Chest of drawers for $20 last week in Statham, GA and followed the awesome youtube video that April Bee did a while back on restoring a dresser. I basically followed her video to a T. Purchased some hardware for 20 bucks and then used a brown expresso paint on the top and blue which is TMAN's favorite color for the rest of the chest.


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